Padel Tennis

We build Padel courts!

Anchor ENGinuity manufactures and assembles all types of padel tennis courts. Not all Padel Courts are the same and we are confident that we can find the best solution for every project.

Padel is a dynamic mix of tennis and squash, which takes the very best of each and creates something brand new. In Padel, players compete against each other in a singles or doubles game. For doubles, the astro turf courts are 20 meters by 10 meters, while for singles, the courts are 20 meters by 6 meters. The walls allow players to play shots off the glass so long as the ball has only bounced once.

Projects in Progress

Location Number of Courts
Bryanston Country Club 3
James and Ethel Grey Park 4
Portable Courts 2

Projects Completed

Location Number of Courts
CCJ Auckland Park 3
Wanderers Club 6
Private Homes 2